Annual Service Plans

4 Plans to Choose From!

Choose a residential plan that best fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. All plans include a startup, winterization, a number of monthly visits throughout the season, controller check, sprinkler check, sprinkler adjustments, and priority service if anything comes up during the long watering season. Add more options with our higher level annual service plans.


Enjoy everything in the Gold plan, plus a monthly visit every month of the watering season, and 2 day priority response when unwanted issues arise!


Enjoy everything in the Platinum plan, plus basic sprinkler replacement for free for broken sprinklers! Sensor checks are also performed at each visit to make sure sensors are up to the task all season! 15% off labor for repairs throughout the season also!


Enjoy everything in the Silver plan, plus an extra season visit, and at each visit we will check valves, clean grass from sprinklers and valve boxes, and replace basic nozzles for free!


Enjoy the benefits of a timely scheduled thorough spring startup, and a winterization blowout using a high volume low pressure compressor! A summer visit is included to check the controller, check all sprinklers, and adjust any sprinklers that have gone astray! 3 day priority response is also included when unwanted issues arise! 10% off labor for any repairs throughout the season!

For information for commercial customers, please request more info by clicking the button below.

Startup includes properly filling backflow device and sprinkler lines with water, turning on each zone to verify proper operation, checking sprinkler operation, adjusting sprinklers if needed, controller settings, clearing sprinklers and valve boxes from overgrown grass and mud, checking sensors for proper operation, and visually checking for leaks or other apparent issues. If any issues arise, we will provide a repair estimate for your system.

Winterization includes safely blowing out the sprinkler lines and heads using a high volume low pressure compressor, the most professional and thorough way to clear out water from the system. This is usually a towable compressor with lots of power. The backflow and supply lines to the irrigation system are drained to prevent any of these important parts from freezing.

Basic Nozzles/Sprinklers includes standard spray nozzles and standard rotor style sprinklers. Small additional charge may apply for rotary style spray nozzles, pressure regulated rotors, stainless steel rotors, etc.